Pasang Tamang

Born: 1st August 1951

Kathmandu, Nepal

Date of interview: 29th August 2006

Map showing where Pasang Tamang came from

So you sent the boys to school, you paid for them because it was important the education. And tell me what's happened then, the restaurant we're sitting in now, its grown, how did this happen?

In this one section we managed to fit in sixty to seventy people, its
actually, very obviously overcrowded. When we came over to Reading a lot of the doctors were already in Reading and because my husband knew them they all started coming here. At that time there were queues as well for the restaurant being only one section allowed only seventy seats but we used to have queues to get into the place. Because we were getting very busy with queues and so on we needed to extend the place so the building one four five there used to be a dog parlour. First of all we got that side on lease, and then we extended it to the two units. And on that side there used to be a laundramat. But the owner of laundramat was retiring he decided to sell it so we bought that and then after that they extended it to part of the restaurant.