Pasang Tamang

Born: 1st August 1951

Kathmandu, Nepal

Date of interview: 29th August 2006

Map showing where Pasang Tamang came from

So this was your husband, he rented the Star of India-

So my husband went back five days later to the partnership he'd left and told them that he was leaving, he wanted his share of the profit, they owed him a thousand pounds which he'd put in at the very beginning, out of that they only paid him five hundred. When he went back he called upon- my brother was working in Southall as well so he brought him over to the Star of India to be his partner.
So with his five hundred pounds he rented the Star of India and started
this, running this restaurant. It took about a year, we changed the menu. After one year when the business started picking up and so on, the landlord took the restaurant back. So at that time this was in a café, Joe's café. Machines, I think arcade game machines. So we started looking at this place.It would be one four three Caversham Road at that time. And we changed this café after a year to the Standard Tandoori.