Pasang Tamang

Born: 1st August 1951

Kathmandu, Nepal

Date of interview: 29th August 2006

Map showing where Pasang Tamang came from

So how did you find Reading? Was it different from Southall? In what way? And Ealing?

A lot of Indians in Southall is a bit like being in Deli. In Ealing there's a lot of English. When they came into Reading there was no big buildings none of these big buildings. It looked like a small village.

Where TGI Fridays used to be, there used to be a, I don't know if jungle's the right word but well, wild, it was a bit wild and we used to go and, it was a place for children to go and pick blackberries. There weren't all these houses round here. This road wasn't busy at all, and the road was a lot smaller than two cars could fit.