Pasang Tamang

Born: 1st August 1951

Kathmandu, Nepal

Date of interview: 29th August 2006

Map showing where Pasang Tamang came from

Fifteen Rupies a month and being paid 270 Rupies a month, so that was very good.

At that time that was very, very good. Whenever people used to come from the village that they were from they used to send them their rice and vegetables as well so they were able to save money and buy a house. And then sometime in 1974 my husband came to the UK.

Basically he wanted to come over here to work, his friend organised a work permit for him to work in a restaurant in Southall.

After two years he brought me over. We stayed in Southall a year and a half, then Ealing Broadway for a year, and then my third son was born born at Hillingdon hospital.