Krystyna Szopis

Born: 6th February 1931

Lwow, Poland

Date of interview: 16th May 2006

Map showing where Krystyna Szopis came from

Where did you meet your husband?

I met my husband in Lebanon, actually in Persia first time because then he went to the, to Palestine, was in cadet school but his mother lived in the same place in Lebanon as we did and he used to come for holidays to Mama. Then I met him in England. It was a romance on and off, on and off and finally he managed to catch me, I don't know how. [laughs] So I been there till 1961 [mumbles thirty years] 1961 and he went as a mature student to college.

The camp we used to live in Cheshire was being slowly demolished. His parents were given a council house but I had a child and work, and with him going to college, well my money was badly needed so we moved to my parents down south, to Woodley actually we bought a house in Woodley. My parents joined us and my husband was in college for three years in Alsager in Cheshire or is it Lancashire now I don't ... and I stayed in Woodley with my parents and immediately got myself a job in Woodley, and since then I haven't moved from Woodley and it's a long time you know.