Krystyna Szopis

Born: 6th February 1931

Lwow, Poland

Date of interview: 16th May 2006

Map showing where Krystyna Szopis came from

Where did you get the job in Woodley?

In school. I'm a teacher. [laughs] Yes it was Beechwood Infant School. Then my career went from Beechwood Infants to St Dominic's Primary. I was Deputy Head there ... from St Dominic's Primary to William Grey Primary and then I have applied for headship at St Dominic's and I was a head for ... [sighs] oh God seventeen years, something like that, it might be a bit less. Because my daughter had a child and somebody had to look after a child. I was given early retirement, stayed with my granddaughter for two years. My daughter gave up her job. I was free which I didn't like and I went back to teaching. I supplied, first I supplied in any primary infant school round Woodley and there are eight of them and then I supplied in Hugh Faringdon Comprehensive for two years and then back in Beechwood, till I was sixty-five. Probably I would have gone a bit further longer but Education Authority doesn't cover a teacher beyond the age of sixty-five and there was no insurance. I did go occasionally you know just to help out but that was that and so I had taught from, God forty-odd years ...