Krystyna Szopis

Born: 6th February 1931

Lwow, Poland

Date of interview: 16th May 2006

Map showing where Krystyna Szopis came from

So from Leicester College where did you go then?

To Birmingham. My first school was in Birmingham in Harbourne and it was, I do remember I was accepted by Birmingham City and but then given the address of the school and it was St Peter's C of E School. So I came and I haven't had a clue what C of E meant. It was Church of England. Just next door to St Peter's was St Mary's Roman Catholic School. Nobody wanted me there probably I don't know. [says, laughing] Anyway I've been there for two years meanwhile I got married and I was married at, wait a second what would it be, before the end, yes I was married in March and I've decided to carry on teaching in Birmingham.