Krystyna Szopis

Born: 6th February 1931

Lwow, Poland

Date of interview: 16th May 2006

Map showing where Krystyna Szopis came from

And what happened next?

From Tehran, well Dad, after joining the army and so on and so on he was stationed in Egypt and he was a tutor in a mechanical school and we were moved from Tehran to Ahvaz in Southern Persia, not far from Basra. Well a lot of people from the camps went to India, Africa, etcetera, etcetera ... there was also a Polish military school for girls and boys in Palestine, Israel today, and I wanted very badly to join it but unfortunately I was too young so they wouldn't have me and we were, Mother and I, were very fortunate because we were moved to Lebanon. From 1944 till 1947 we lived in Lebanon outside of Beirut in a place called Ghazir.