Krystyna Szopis

Born: 6th February 1931

Lwow, Poland

Date of interview: 16th May 2006

Map showing where Krystyna Szopis came from

And what about your grandparents, were they there?

No both grandparents were one lot, my mother's parents were living down south in Poland and Father's parents moved from Lwow when Granddad retired into a small place outside. So that's more or less what I remember of them. I do remember my mother's parents because we used to go there for holidays many a time. I did go and visit Dad's parents, I do remember Granddad very much, very much indeed. He was a very tall, very straight man and very gentle. The opposite to Mum's, Mum's father was stocky and very dark and I think I was afraid of him [laughs] I don't know why ... because he was so very dark.