Shabana Sheikh

Born: 1950

Pakistan, India

Date of interview: 11th May 2006

Map showing where Shabana Sheikh came from

What was the job?

The same this refrigeration and I said to him 'Try you know you might got a nice job,' so he got a job in Thames Ready Refrigeration in the Oxford Road and he loved that, they gave him a company car, a good job where he used to go to service the fridges. I said to my mother-in-law 'You know I think I should start working as well,' she said 'No you stay home look after your baby' so I said 'No you can look after it mum, I'll go to work you know I can help him and you know we can get a place quicker.'

So I started looking, you know for a job and there was a job in Frame Clothing and that was on Friar, no Station Road do you know where the Bus Depot is? You know the Top Rank and the Bus Depot it was there it used to be called Frame Clothing and it was a machinists job. There was no problem speaking English because we used to speak English in school and our dad used to speak a lot of English with us, he was more speaking English than Punjabi at home. The job was just keep stitching, doing the collars.