Shabana Sheikh

Born: 1950

Pakistan, India

Date of interview: 11th May 2006

Map showing where Shabana Sheikh came from

Tell me about the rest of your family

Well we stayed there in Athi River there was no schools nothing. There were three sisters and three brothers, the problem was there, it was no schools and my dad used to make us sit and study at home. I think I was about must be about eight or nine and I started to go to school on the train, the main train from Mombassa to Nairobi it used to stop there in the station, and I used to go on the train to Nairobi.

We had to wait till half past six to catch the next train and we used to sit at the station do our homework there and just wait for the train and sometimes fall asleep. Everybody knew my dad because, one he was in the same job he was in the railways and we used to get free passes to travel as well, anywhere we could go on the train and secondly he was a wrestler as well he used to do wrestling and everybody knew him. My dad, they never call him by his name, they always used to call him wrestler, and 'Whose daughter are you?' and then they'd say 'Oh the wrestler'. It was a good time, and that's how it went on and on and then my brothers started school, and by the time, my sister got married she was very young and she had to get married.