Shabana Sheikh

Born: 1950

Pakistan, India

Date of interview: 11th May 2006

Map showing where Shabana Sheikh came from

And what about going back to Pakistan have you ever been back there?

Pakistan I go like every year or every two years because all my relations my cousins are there. Only two weeks ago I took all my grandkids and my daughter-in-law and my son, we all went together because I wanted to know the roots mainly because of their behaviour and the attitude of children, they must know it is different, polite, how to be polite with your teachers with older people. You have to take them round and show them the world, look how people are living. We wanted to show kids, this it started, with my children and touch wood they are well behaved children never had any complaint from school and never had any complaint from the public. You feel proud you know when you know your children are good. I don't tell them but you know I know I'm very grateful to God and I want to do the same with my grandkids.