Abduhl Sheikh

Born: 10th March 1942

Nairobi, Kenya

Date of interview: 24th May 2006

Map showing where Abduhl Sheikh came from

Where did you live then?

In the quarters. We were not allowed to buy house in those days. You must live in the quarter next to the prison in case there's a riot. They had a big alarm in the quarters and if that rang you went. You know, in those days, very bad experiences in there, initially. Especially with the neighbours, with people coming down and threatening my wife when I was at work and things like that. It was tough days. But there were some very good people here as well. We made friends with one particular family. The wife met her. He was a prison officer as well. Brook, Len Brook, very nice man. The wife met his wife because she used to take the daughter to school and became friends and there was another person called Harry Drain, Dennis Johns, George Wayne. I wonder if they're alive. Some very nice people there as well, who eventually, you know, started to make me, as they grew to know me, they trusted me more.