Abduhl Sheikh

Born: 10th March 1942

Nairobi, Kenya

Date of interview: 24th May 2006

Map showing where Abduhl Sheikh came from

In the evening you listened to the radio, where would that be broadcast from?

In those days the station used to be called Cable and Wireless, in the western side of Nairobi. I'm trying to remember the names now. They are Swahili names you see and called, it used to be just after the Westland area, is still known as Westlands just after that there used to be an army base and next to it, because they used to have the armed forces radio and attached to it was the normal civilian radio. It used to be the English early in the morning then in the afternoons, and then in the evenings they used to split, the Asians used to get about an hour between six and eight I think. As time progressed, they split and we had our own station, English had their own and there was also a Swahili station as well but that was quite a while afterwards.