Abduhl Sheikh

Born: 10th March 1942

Nairobi, Kenya

Date of interview: 24th May 2006

Map showing where Abduhl Sheikh came from

Could you spell the name of that game?

Well it's Punjabi word ... gulli, pronounced as goolly not gully and danda which is a rod, is danda. I mean there was another game which is played, I mean in mostly the Asian countries and you can see from the television sometimes even now it's call Kabaddi. If you imagine yourself in ... a small version of a tennis court with a line drawn in the middle and then you have two teams, I think there about six in each side. The idea is ... one team, the first team to take a deep breath, hold the breath in and speaking the words 'kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi' continuously, go to the opposing side, touch somebody and then come back in to your side. If you succeed in doing that whoever you've touched is dead so he has to leave the area and sit on the side lines and if your team succeeds in getting everybody out, kill everybody you've won. The opposing team one person only, not all of them, whoever you touch, tries to hold you back so you have to breathe in. Now if you break your breath and you breathe in you are dead.