Chaudhri Riaz

Born: 10th June 1946

Nanka Kohana, Pakistan

Date of interview: 25th May 2006

Map showing where Chaudhri Riaz came from

What was the significance of being a landowner there ... in the community?

Well first of all obviously if you own land you've got crops of your own, wheat, flour and all that ... You know, grain, all that, vegetables, fruits and all that ... milk ... butter. So I think it gives you a little bit financial soundness because you don't depend on other people, you don't have to worry about where you are going to eat. So that's for number one.

Number two obviously give you a little bit ... you know, you get respect, people respect you because you help them out, and you get some sort of job satisfaction that you are in a position to help the other human being. And of course it gives you a reasonable status in the society because you are on the giving end rather than on the receiving end. And as a person I would say that it gives you confidence because you are never desperate and you know you don't have to compromise. I mean you are nice, you are polite, you know you accommodate people, but you don't have to compromise because you are not dependent on other people.