Robert Browne

Born: 20th October 1938

Guyana, South America

Date of interview: 16th July 2006

Map showing where Robert Browne came from

So when you came, what time of year did you arrive in England?

Oh in the winter. First morning I got up. Saturday morning there was snow out there and I was living then at 16 Lowndes Street, Coldharbour Lane, Camberwell Green and this friend of mine who was from Guyana as well, sent me over Marshall, and he used to work in the same place in the interior where we were working. He came over six months before. Then there was no heating in that room. I nearly died from pneumonia 'cos sleeping in that cold room. Course he never used to sleep there, he was a welder. The war had just no long finished and did pretty well. They were building a lot of aeroplanes so he was welding aeroplane parts. He left his job and just used to hang about in the Mambo Club in Brixton when the night come. So I used to be there on me own.

Course, myself and Ovid had soon fell out anyway 'cos when I came over here with a bank draft for £38 which was a lot of money at that time, and Ovid was supposed to take me to the Barclays Bank so I can open an account. He stayed outside and I went in the bank and when I came back out Ovid asked me where was the money? Oh I said, what money, I said I haven't got any money. I left the money there, I just got a bank book. He called me an idiot, 'cos I didn't draw the money and give him so he could go down the Mambo Club and start drinking. I got to look after what little I got till I got a job and get on my feet. He didn't like it, so I say 'Oh then I'll find somewhere to live,' so then I went and got a room with a Jamaican lady. He was a scaffolder. Mrs Jones. They were very nice people, treated me very well. No problems with them at all. Been there for quite a few, quite a while.