Robert Browne

Born: 20th October 1938

Guyana, South America

Date of interview: 16th July 2006

Map showing where Robert Browne came from

So it's like a new town when you compare it to what it was then?

Oh yeah. Completely new place. The only, one of the best survivors I know now is Jackson's. Even, and a lot black people who bought houses first of all used to get their furniture from a man named Mr Gibbs. He used to be right near by Chatham Street. He had a furniture place there. Of course in houses in them days all that you could afford was that vinyl on your floor. You were lucky if you had a narrow strip of carpet or a piece of rug in your room because most people lived in one room then. That room was your bedroom, your dining room, and everything. Where you entertain people and
everything, in one room, 'cos that's all you could afford in them days.