Robert Browne

Born: 20th October 1938

Guyana, South America

Date of interview: 16th July 2006

Map showing where Robert Browne came from

So how did you deal with cold, coming from such a hot country and what month was it, you said it was snowing?

February, February. Very next morning I get up I see snow out there. I didn't know what it was and when I looked through the glass through the condensation, I see this thing out there. Of course, Ovid was there, and apparently there was a girl, Ovid's cousin and she had rented these two rooms from this young man. So she had Ovid in one and she and her husband were staying in the other one. So I went in and I asked her. What is this stuff you have out there, is that some sort of decoration for Easter. She say you must be joking, you go out there you're gonna find out. That's when I come to realise it was snow. I never seen snow in me life before.

The first couple of jobs that I had here I was going to work with me pyjamas on and two pairs of trousers and I can't take off them clothes. I went on a job in Cheapside in London there was a sixteen storey block of flats they were building and they were putting me up on the eighth floor, I'm surprised I didn't freeze to death. Oh yeah. I nearly freeze to death.