Robert Browne

Born: 20th October 1938

Guyana, South America

Date of interview: 16th July 2006

Map showing where Robert Browne came from

And now so there's hardly any place, as you were saying, besides Jackson's, which remains the same?

Jackson is some very exciting people I deal with too. If I tell you. The store is a bit different inside now. They don't sell the sort of things they used to sell, years ago, 'cos Jackson's used to sell furniture at one time. Yeah. They used to sell very good furniture. Nice, good carpet, rugs and that sort of a thing. Jackson's used to make very, very good suits.

One Saturday after I was living in Reading I was going past there on a bicycle. The man said to me stand up off that bicycle. I was very lucky in Reading, that's why I remained here and this bloke said to me, he said 'Come.' He was standing right outside Jackson's. I said yes sir, 'cos people from the West Indies got a different attitude to elderly people. 'Yes sir, I said, what's the trouble?' He said, 'Man you look like you can do with a suit.' I said, 'Oh no I don't want no suit, I got no money for no suit.' Chap's said, 'Come with me.' Took me in upstairs, up top of Jackson's. When I went up there they had a room about twice the size of this, with different racks upon rack so suit lengths. They used to the tailoring up there. This chap, he started measuring and he said, 'Go on I'll be in touch with you.'

Two weeks later I got a card pushed through the door and I went down to what is it now about. This guy made me a three-piece suit. Wrapped it up in a bag and he said well you've come and you can pay us fifty pence a week or a pound a week. You got no card, nor nothing. They used to trust people then. The same thing happened that brought Mr Gibbs down with some black people. Just go. I used to go down there and just pay him fifty pence a week or if I got a pound, I give him a pound and that same old man, that man has made me eight suits and I've still got them on now. Because they're good quality cloth.