Michael Pollek

Born: 24th February 1954

Reading, UK

Date of interview: 13th July 2006

Map showing where Michael Pollek came from

Wasn't it difficult for you that you didn't belong when you were at school and also when you were working?

Yeah, yeah that was a problem and its only just recently, funnily enough, or maybe that's why I'm member of a trade union because that's my desire to belong to something grand. Although as a young person, I certainly didn't like my own company, were now I quite enjoy my own company [laughing]. But the, no that's absolutely true, I've always been singled out even amongst the Ukrainian community here in Reading. We would get together, 'cos there are kids my age around and, there was a dance group, there was a choir, I haven't got a musical inclination but I can remember things so I used to recite poetry. So we would go on, we'd have festivals in Leicester De Monfort Hall there on an annual basis take part in like aconcert, and I would go up there and that was quite, 'cos I was the only one in Reading that did that although we had a dance group, we had a choir, I was the only one that declaimed vershes (ph), 'vershes' - that's a Ukrainian word, er, poems and that was deemed to be a high brow thing to do which was something that my mother said I was always born to do. {laughing)