Jan Patyra

Born: 14th April 1921

Kraznystaw, Poland

Date of interview: 30th July 2006

Map showing where Jan Patyra came from

Whereabouts? In Poland?

Ach no, ach no in Russia, in Siberia. It was terrible. I don't know I weigh more than about seven stones at the end, skeleton.

Now one day, you know because the war started between Hitler and between Stalin, and one day when the Germans were advancing they were near Moscow so Stalin decided to let us out, it was an amnesty. See, so one day one of the commandant of our camp, he used to call us the Polish goodness know what, he spoke to us he said 'Citizens of Poland' I couldn't believe my eyes you know he said 'You're going to be free' the Polish government is in London, Sikorsky, General Sikorsky he had a chat with Stalin and they arranged it and they let all the Poles, ex-soldiers, let them out.