Jan Patyra

Born: 14th April 1921

Kraznystaw, Poland

Date of interview: 30th July 2006

Map showing where Jan Patyra came from

What sort of things did you grow on the farm then?

Well, see I was a youngster only fourteen, fifteen so whatever the father asked me to do I used to do. Looked after the horses, do a bit of ploughing in the fields and things like that. But not a lot. But, as I said, didn't appeal for me and my friend, I had a friend, and he brought me in touch with the army band up north of Poland near the German border. He wrote to me once, he said 'Would you like to ... join the army? The band?' because I mean if you ask fourteen or fifteen you couldn't sort of go into the army but as a musician, so that's what I did. I applied for it and I went into the army.