Jan Patyra

Born: 14th April 1921

Kraznystaw, Poland

Date of interview: 30th July 2006

Map showing where Jan Patyra came from

This was during the war?

Yes, well, during the war, the war, well Poles were finished. We'd been occupied by Germans and Russians. I was on the town where the Russians were.

So, after twenty two years, Stalin was dead and we decided, well we could have a little bit of money, my wife and I, we decided to go to Poland. I wanted to show her and we go to where my mum used to live and she was w.., she knew we were coming, she was waiting at the station all day. And when we came, my wife said 'Look! That's your mum'. She recognise her from the pictures. So, I ran to my mum and I said 'Mum, I showed them the way.' Even after twenty two years, because we said to me 'No, we not arresting him. He's going to show us the way.'