Jan Patyra

Born: 14th April 1921

Kraznystaw, Poland

Date of interview: 30th July 2006

Map showing where Jan Patyra came from

Right. What sort of things did you do?

Biscuits. First of all I was mixing the dough and then in the oven and goodness knows what and that's when I met my wife. See I was on the first floor and hanging on the rafter, just like a Tarzan, and she was just passing by because she used to get the different paper to different offices all around - it's a big place - over 2,000 people used to work ...

And you know I started to talk, I said why it's a nice little girl, I know that, started to talk and talk more and that's what it started, you know. And I knew her and I liked her, she liked me, I was her first man and let's hope the last one. And I'm very, very lucky, I couldn't wish for any better wife.