Jan Patyra

Born: 14th April 1921

Kraznystaw, Poland

Date of interview: 30th July 2006

Map showing where Jan Patyra came from

In Watlington Street.

Lovely. It was ruined when we got it but we got it. I mean that was my wife's church, Church of England and she was christened there and goodness knows what, but one day she said 'Do you know, I want to change to the Catholics.' I've never pressed anybody to change their religion, no matter what you are; they're all the same, really. I said 'Do you really?' We knew the priest very well, so he used to give her lessons. They used to argue and I said to him, I said 'I wonder who is going to convert who Catholics or [inaudible] Church of England?' but she wanted. I said 'I know what you wanted because you want to be the same, once I'm dead, to go the same place.'