Anne Morris

Born: 29th October 1942

Dublin, Ireland

Date of interview: 20th July 2006

Map showing where Anne Morris came from

Okay, Anne, so would you like to say anything else about your immigration, contribution for the society, for Reading, for England, how do you see that? Anything you would like to comment?

Well, basically, I think, as I say, I think it's a very tolerant, this is a very, they are very, English people are a very tolerant nation. It's wonderful how, you know, people from different countries can come here, and they can, you know, you can ... there are opportunities there. I mean, you don't want to be too, shall we say pathetic, and expect people to roll the red carpet out for you, because after all, I think you're in a different country. That's how I see it. You're in somebody else's country, but the opportunities are there, and don't get all pathetic if people do make a comment, which, human nature being what it is, you will get some people that will make a derogatory comment about you. But so what? You've just got to have a life, haven't you? You're bound to, with the variety of people here. Not everybody is going to be welcoming and smiley, but I would say the majority of people are. And if you get on with your life, and work hard, you know, try and live a decent life, there's no reason why anybody can't prosper, if you don't mind work, and not get all fragile and pathetic. In the early days when Irish people came, in the early days, shall we say before we came, of course when I came I had my parents here, but it was very difficult to get accommodation. They used to have signs up, 'No Irish' or 'No blacks' 'No Chinese' and all this sort of stuff. That was a fact.