Maya Malhotra

Born: 27th January 1937

Agra, India

Date of interview: 7th June 2006

Map showing where Maya Malhotra came from

You talked about your religion, the little bit back you were talking about, you know you're invited to Christmas. Have you been able to practise your religion here?

Yeah, I have done it because, when ... well when we came here there was no facility. There were no temple in Cornwall, no temple in Reading but ... and ... the first ... few months I was very very lost, that there is nothing to do here. And then I thought All right. If it is not there we can always ... do that religious part in our own home, so I started doing all the prayers whatever I used to do it in my own home, and ... we started, because ... it was very important for children to understand where they come from and what is our background so I did that at home. We used to do all morning prayers, evening prayers with children at home whether I have a ... shrine or not.

We started this ... campaign to build a temple in Reading, that was quite late but not at the early stage. And then in eighty-, nineteen-eighty-three they thought we should have a place, so we, a group of women, we get together and we started that thing. So it took us nearly eighteen years to build a temple in the end. It did build it one. So that's the temple in Reading now. And it took us nearly eighteen years hard work.