Maya Malhotra

Born: 27th January 1937

Agra, India

Date of interview: 7th June 2006

Map showing where Maya Malhotra came from

Where is the temple?

Temple is in Whitley ... Street, 112 Whitley Street. It used to be Methodist church and when that came on the market we had short talk to the trustees of that ... church and we told them 'If you sell the place to us we will, yours is a place of worship, we will keep it as a place of worship. But if ... we may not be able to, we won't demolish it, put it that way. But it's up to you.' And in the end I think they were bit impressed by that. Since we have that place, we have done a lot of work in that place and still using it as a prayer hall as they were using it, and enhance the value of it more. It's a great achievement I think. [laughs quietly]