Maya Malhotra

Born: 27th January 1937

Agra, India

Date of interview: 7th June 2006

Map showing where Maya Malhotra came from

And how did that work?

It worked very well in my case and I won't regret anything. I think ... people have some wrong idea about this arranged marriages ... In my experience well, when you are at the age of eighteen nineteen, so often you don't know yourself very well. You don't know what you want, what is best for you and how to see other people. And when the parents look for you, they know you well and they will analyse your choice and more better than you. I remember a comment made by my father, I think just before I got married. And one day we were all talking and my two sisters who were older than me, they were married and my father made a comment about that and said 'If Maya don't get a nice mother-in-law this girl will suffer all her life.' Luckily I have a very nice mother-in-law. [laughs] So that one thing gave me this idea that how much your parents know about you ... and I think the upbringing is also different here. Many times parents don't know what their children want ... because they have been ... I can't say all the ... it's not a bad thing that they become too independent too quickly.