Born: 15th December 1972

Anhui, China

Date of interview: 15th September 2006

Map showing where Ling came from

Was it just one room?

Ya, I lived with grandma, so that is only one room, and there was another, I don't really know. It's kind of, how to say, there is a small room. Outside its extended a little bit. So that's the kitchen. We didn't have flush toilet at that time. So everyone have a kind of pot. I don't what that is called, pot or, you know, you did things there, in the morning, took to the public toilet and empty there and wash it. I stayed with my grandma about the age of, when I almost start my, when I need to go to the secondary school. I don't know. It's complicated. Because, I have to go to the rural area to pass, my high, no secondary exam entry. Because that is my root. There is one thing called Huko which doesn't really exist here. I think only in China they do this kind of thing.