Born: 15th December 1972

Anhui, China

Date of interview: 15th September 2006

Map showing where Ling came from

Tell me about what it was like in the rural area. Was it different than living in the city?

To honest, I quite like there. Although it's not, it's not ... as convenient as the city life, but ... I think the people are very nice there. They are genuine, open, frankly people. In the city, I probably, I remember when I first entered the city, that is the memory I still remember that. I was in a shock because I have never seen so many cars, at that time not as many cars as it is now. And everyone close their door. I remember I ... because I spoke the local, the rural dialect, and I, my parent put me in the primary school, I felt very lonely, nobody understand me. People from the city treat people from rural countryside, regarding you as ignorant, something like that. Not a very nice, not a very nice feeling. When I go back to the countryside, although I missed the convenience of the city life, but I found myself very, very happy there. There is one thing I have to point out, because I still missed the city, its convenience, something like that, but I was still lonely when I came back to the rural area, because I've spent so many years in the city.