Born: 15th December 1972

Anhui, China

Date of interview: 15th September 2006

Map showing where Ling came from

Moon Festival. What is the Moon Festival?

Moon Festival, it's ... has a legend. In ancient times, there were ten suns in the sky. There was a hero, he just shoot, nine suns. There was one sun hiding underneath beneath the sea, so he didn't...then the goddess wanted to award the hero and she gave him the thing, take, kind of medicine. If he took it, he will not die. But his wife wanted to try first, she took it all and she became light and she flew to the moon. On that day, the mid August, the Lunar, Chinese Lunar Calendar, she and her husband can meet, but because she is kind of, up in the moon. On that particular day, if you want to have a relation with someone, you pray. [laughing] That is Moon Festival. Everyone, so, on the day, everyone is ... on that day the moon is bigger, brighter. If the weather is nice, you can see, admire that moon. It is kind of reunion, the hero and his wife. Like Chinese New Year.