Born: 15th December 1972

Anhui, China

Date of interview: 15th September 2006

Map showing where Ling came from

If there isn't a group providing an important support mechanism for people, what happens?

I think would be very difficult. I have been through a very difficult time myself. So I relied on a different source to support me which it couldn't give me enough support. Like I relied on my doctor and my health visitor. Because at that time I had a very bad Post Natal Depression. [pause] So I relied on them, because of the cultural, again it's a cultural difference, I don't know whether I want to say, but ... I said, 'I love you' to my GP, which is a man, who was a man and he was panicked, he thought that I am going to have a relationship with him. But actually that is kind of gratitude of thanking for being there to support me, but that 'cause enough ... He said, 'Well, I can't look after you any more.' I was, What? I was collapsed in his room. It is like he was my last rescue, I tried hard to hold on you. Because I said silly things, you just, you know, that kind, in a way, I shouldn't do that, but at that time, I can't, I was desperate to hold on someone. So, and then, I found it is very important for us to have an own group, we support each other, we know each other.