Born: 15th December 1972

Anhui, China

Date of interview: 15th September 2006

Map showing where Ling came from

How do you find mixing with English people?

I think the people are the same, you know, everywhere. You can, you get some nice people and you can get some nasty people, even in my country. Some people will say, well, being discriminated; you know that kind of thing. But I wouldn't think that. Here I met some lovely lady, very very beautiful person. She is English. But you get ... I met somebody even in the, on the train. When I was travelling from Newbury to Reading on the train. Because I was pregnant at that time with my second one. I wanted, I felt very hot, very dizzy. So I wanted to open the window. And there was a lady who was very nice, you know, she saw me opened the window and she moved from the seat to elsewhere. I felt, I said thank you. There was a gentleman, he stood up and closed the window up. I said: 'well, I need some fresh air.' He said: 'no, I don't want the breeze coming to my face.' You can get the people like that. You know, if you are lucky, you get some good people.