Leo Jones

Born: 16th November 1933

St David's, Barbados

Date of interview: 5th June 2006

Map showing where Leo Jones came from

What kind of thing did you do? How did you, how did they make the bread then, was it bread cakes?

Yeah it was all type, there was all types ... I was in the bread department then but the cakes department was, the cakes department was at the top of the factory, the bread department was at the bottom of the factory. But I used to work in the bread department. And I used to I more or less used to put out all the bread for the delivery fellas when they come in the morning. And so they had the racks the thing that you would, and the numbers on the racks that the vans will come in to go to their rack to take up their bread that they want. So when I'm on nights I used to do that job, put out all the breads to the, to the amount for every driver to collect in the morning when he come in early.