Leo Jones

Born: 16th November 1933

St David's, Barbados

Date of interview: 5th June 2006

Map showing where Leo Jones came from

That was your kind of employment what else was going on in your life?

I was still playing cricket within all those days! And as I said to you ... I realise, looking back at my life that I actually bring the black and white community together. And it's so simple, it's just through sports ... Back in the fifties there was a chap he start up a cricket team. He used to get the teams to play some teams in Prospect Park ... I remember my first season, I had just come up from Barbados and the fellas heard about me just representing BCL and playing with Gary Sobers and those boys. And, I can pick the line of the ball because the ball doesn't divert ... And they used to laugh me and say 'You's all this cricketer and you can't make a run in this thing.' And the next year, the next year, every time I picked my bat up I used to score a hundred.

But how this thing happen, some the fellas decide that they were going to improve the they were going to put ten pence each of the member used to ten pence in the kitty and ... All who make their first fifty will get the money. And I used to win the money every week. And then they said look they will improve it to twenty pence and you have to score a hundred. And that encouraged me more 'cos a pound in those days was a lot of money. 'Cos I remember we used to a pound for rent and half a crown for the electric and gas in those day. So a pound was a lot of money in them day. And I remember my first pay pack, was five pound nineteen and six in those days ... So when you pay a pound for rent out of that as I say. But you see you could get, a pint of beer for about three pence or a pack of cigarettes for about something like that.

I remember people used to put up signs and said room for rent and soon as they see your black face they would say 'Sorry ... it's already gone.' And that encouraged me and encouraged the other fellas that you have to look for your own place. My first house I bought in England I paid £600 for ... And that was number 23 Mason Street. And there was another chap that owned all those houses down there and he had liked me through my cricket ability and he give me the house at £2 a week ... With no interest or nothing on top of that ... I can't remember his name but, he used to have his office here in, the street the street just here where the Citizens Advice Bureau is.