Leo Jones

Born: 16th November 1933

St David's, Barbados

Date of interview: 5th June 2006

Map showing where Leo Jones came from

Tell me about that?

I went over to Caversham, Caversham Road. I can't remember the name of the company now I remember that. And I worked there to teach myself, they used to do ... chroming, and silver different things like that. So I went in that department and I worked there for some years as well. And then I leaved there then went to CF Taylor. I walk in there they ask me to work on the aircraft. And I work there for about twenty odd years before I to retire. So I move up a grade then work in the aircraft department. I was lucky to work on the first jumbo that ever built, and the first Concorde that ever built. I had to go up to London in the hangar and fix up the galleys and the luxurious part of the plane ... So I had a good time with my life.