Leo Jones

Born: 16th November 1933

St David's, Barbados

Date of interview: 5th June 2006

Map showing where Leo Jones came from

In the in the what?

In the fire brigade, that was a police department as well ... the fire service. And, I decided well while I was in town to go and list you name in the park to go to America. So the older boys that I was with they go and list their name so I sat down and worked out that you have to be twenty-one. I was about nineteen at the time. And I went in and I list my name, I remember this police woman, she was the first police woman in Barbados ... and she started to laugh. Said 'What are you laughing at?' She said 'I'm sure that you're not twenty-one.' I said 'Well I taking the chance.' So she put down my name and everything. And you know two weeks afterwards I get a slip to go to register myself to go to America ... And lucky for me I did get a chance to go to America so I went to America in 1954. And I spent a year and a half down there, and I came back in 1955, '53, '54 yeah, I came back in 1955. And I leave a couple of weeks after that and came to England, hoping to improve my cricket. I had a friend in Reading ... we was in America together and he get this place for me and my first address was 49 Zinzan Street.