Leo Jones

Born: 16th November 1933

St David's, Barbados

Date of interview: 5th June 2006

Map showing where Leo Jones came from

Huntley, Bourne & Stevens? Southampton Street?

Yeah. All that buildings and things there? That used to be a big factory there that was called Huntley, Bourne & Stevens. That went right up to the back, up to about nearly back to back to London street, or London Road. which is which? London Street is here and London Road is near the hospital innit? London Road is the hospital. It will be London Street then. Huntley, Bourne & Stevens went right back up to that. It was a big factory. But both of these belong to Huntley & Palmers ... I work at Huntley, Bourne & Stevens as well ... So that I could play cricket for Huntley & Palmers, in Kensington Road. They have one of the most beautiful grounds in Kensington Road.