Shirley Graham-Paul

Born: Not given

Kingston, Jamaica

Date of interview: 6th June 2006

Map showing where Shirley Graham-Paul came from

Tell us where the mural is exactly?

It's [pause] as you're coming over the IDR, on the right hand side, where all the black historians are ... Marcus Garvey, ... Queen Nefertiti, Mary Seacole and a lot of history's on that wall. At the moment they're wanting it down because you know, the place is closed. I've got the video of the launch of that mural, I still got it at home if you want to see it.' And it was the days when Tony Durant was then the MP ... a hard working man. So he's on the video as well. So she was very pleased ... So that's ... I had ... been working hard on Mary Seacole as well.