Shirley Graham-Paul

Born: Not given

Kingston, Jamaica

Date of interview: 6th June 2006

Map showing where Shirley Graham-Paul came from

And how often did you see your father? You said he was away.

If he was away for ... three months then he would have shore leave and then he'd be home don't ask me how long cause I was too glad to see my father ... and I was spoiled rotten I can tell you, I was absolutely spoiled. I still have things that my father used to bring when he when he's coming back off the ship. He had these men at the ... at the pier that have a cart and daddy would shop for just about everything. This cart, including even material for making my school uniform came over. ... Handbags, my swimming costume ... everything. My mother, she had the same and then this chap would know exactly where we live and he'd deliver it so about the time daddy get home we would have it and I'm excited cause I can't wait to see daddy. And he was six foot three tall, well-built and this little girl adored my father cause he was a wonderful man.