Elvio Fappiano

Born: 4th September 1941


Date of interview: 20th July 2006

Map showing where Elvio Fappiano came from

What do you remember, in particular about your childhood as you were growing up in Italy?

Well I remember most everything. I think I said, mentioned in the second interview that soon after the war it was a hard time for everybody, I remember was going to school but I was eleven when I left school because I could see that everyone was struggling to get on. I said, well I can write, I can read and that's enough for me so it's time I'm getting a job and then from that age I went as an apprentice for a blacksmith, like a shoe horse and stayed two years there and then I took it, I still am confident that I can, I could make horse shoes and shoe the horse if I had to.

Then things was going on and you could see that horse was coming to an end because there was the revolution of bikes and push bike, and motor bike and as I say, well I think I got to change for something more. So I left that and I was an apprentice for a bicycle, bicycle shop, which again I did well, when I was put my head on something I was always achieving and again now if I had, if I get old thing, all the equipment, I can build a bike from a pipes, buy the pipes, cut it to measure and build a bike, I'm confident I can still do it now, provided I get the right tools and the right things.

Then I see well what's coming round, the motor bike and the car, I say well the push bike could finish as well, I took one step forward, upward, and mechanic and I did about six months of that and say well it's good, it might be good in a few years time but there is no money at the moment, I need something now and I started to mess about with fruit and veg ... managed to get myself a three wheeler scooter, to go from one village to another selling, get the things that this village had too much, the next village didn't have any, I used to go and sell things and had my own little enterprise and was very happy with it, but as I say I was getting older, always better idea coming for work and that was the idea of coming to England and there we are.