Elvio Fappiano

Born: 4th September 1941


Date of interview: 20th July 2006

Map showing where Elvio Fappiano came from

Before you left Italy what was your impression about England?

Well the impression about England before I left Italy, some people who had been here, some, all the people who had been here before, some of them was war prisoner and then they come back to Italy, they used to say that England was nice country to stay, people was okay. English was a bit hard to deal with but then again it's the same in everywhere, you get good people, bad people in everywhere you go. When I came here I found it very nice with the people I went to work with. In England is opportunity for anyone to achieve their goal, so myself personally I settled down and said, well I want to raise my family up, give them a good education, own my own house and be happy, get what I needed, the essential, without them struggling, that was my goal which I achieved and very happily so. I've got four daughters, which they all, as I said they had a good education and all done well and I pass my time with my eleven grandchildren.