Janet Collyer

Born: 14th August 1958

Kampala, Uganda

Date of interview: 12th September 2006

Map showing where Janet Collyer came from

So as you were growing up and becoming a teenager, where were you living then?

We, still in the capital we moved ... my father was getting, he got quite a lot of promotions and he ended up being the Head of what was called the National Housing Corporation so it was within the Ministry of Works but, it was what they called a sort of half ... not quite a quango but you know half state, half private. This job was to build housing that wasn't government housing so the town planners would come up with plans and then the National Housing Corporation would build them, as part of building houses, houses for workers. So he was Head of that. And when he came out of that we moved, moved house ... to a much much bigger house again within the capital.

I remember he, he had a secretary and she did shorthand really really quickly I remember that. And she used to be able to sit in meetings and she'd record everything that was said and then she'd type it all up, so she taught me how to type. And she was also the Sunday school teacher so we'd meet her on a Sunday, so I remember that quite a lot. I used to wonder why my father didn't do his own letters, as he could type, everything that he did would be typed, so I hardly ever saw him write anything, and I saw [inaudible] what I remember of him was his signature ...