Janet Collyer

Born: 14th August 1958

Kampala, Uganda

Date of interview: 12th September 2006

Map showing where Janet Collyer came from

In the meantime, what, you'd been back to visit Uganda, and, what was happening with the political situation? You'd left it being quite in turmoil ...

Yeah ... So one of the reasons I was struggled in university is that there was even more fighting, and when I went back, just after I'd finished my degree, that was ... 1980, they'd just had a new government that appeared to be better than the old one, again it was still military. And it was peaceful but it was still very dangerous, and you'd had people over a decade who'd been living in lawlessness, so you know the ten year olds had become twenty year olds, and so it was still turbulent and it had another six years before it really started to settle.

But thorughout it, my mother had almost got second wind because she had the three of us, my sister and brother as a big group, and then the baby group which was my younger sister and the twins, and she just threw herself into getting them through school and sorted out, and so though it, things were tough, she was finding ways round, making it happen and so they all, got them all through school, educated them in Kenya which is the country next door and which was more stable. And so in terms of what I remember is how my mother was coping, because she decided, when she came out of mourning, she thought right I, she tried farming, and investing in farm, but the distances were too far, and she wouldn't be back in time, and she was late getting the children from school, she thought I can't do that, so she decided to go into property. And has been doing that ever since. And so she each time I got back you could see she was more and more settled in what she was doing.