Janet Collyer

Born: 14th August 1958

Kampala, Uganda

Date of interview: 12th September 2006

Map showing where Janet Collyer came from

And ... it's and even now, not very common for women to take up engineering. it was regarded as a men's, a man's career. Did that occur to you or anybody else, was it part of the objection that your father made of your sister?

Possibly. He never really explained it. Never, think he just felt that, I think by then things were starting to get you know very dangerous and he felt that medicine was a career you could pick up and take anywhere, whereas engineering, he felt wasn't, even though he had picked it up and taken it everywhere. But it wasn't a male thing in fact he used to, he was very, he as almost stricter with us than he was with my brothers, saying you've got to be able to not rely on men to support you, so it wasn't that he didn't want to educate, in fact he was, he wanted her to be highly independent and not have to worry about ... men.