Janet Collyer

Born: 14th August 1958

Kampala, Uganda

Date of interview: 12th September 2006

Map showing where Janet Collyer came from

And how, was this to do with the partly to do with the political unrest you were talking about?

Yes. 'Cause he'd been ... he'd been doing through a lot of change 'cause he'd been effectively sacked from his job. And not for an underperformance it's just they wanted to give the job to someone else. There was a lot of procurement in the job, you know you're building, huge estates it's like building something the size of Lower Earley, so there's a lot of ... lot of payments to be paid and a lot of, and you know, someone else wanted that job. So he said 'fine you know, I'll leave it' but they had actually gone through the process of sacking him rather than letting him leave it. He'd just started up his own engineering consultancy so he was just building that up ... and you know even then there were the odd phone calls that used to come to the house so ... people ... just at the house and for no real reason.