Janet Collyer

Born: 14th August 1958

Kampala, Uganda

Date of interview: 12th September 2006

Map showing where Janet Collyer came from

And did the, the young people at the time, did you feel afraid?

Again, not as afraid as we could have been, I think my parents both of them did a really good job of just shielding us from a lot of it. Being at school, you'd hear it 'cause you'd hear 'Oh so and so's father's disappeared', so you, 'Where's so and so oh their father's disappeared so they can't afford the fees anymore' so they'd be gone. And so you'd see some of that, but no at home we didn't really, didn't really feel it. And when my aunt came to stay with us, with the family, again, we were probably more exposed because effectively we were harbouring someone the government had an interest in, not a positive interest in, and my father was saying 'Oh we just need to stick together and it'll all work out and we'll find a way.'