Alice Chigumera

Born: 15th May 1965

Harare, Zimbabwe

Date of interview: 31st May 2006

Map showing where Alice Chigumera came from

So your dad actually died, was that 1992?

'91, he died in '91, immediately when I came back from Yugoslavia so, well my mum was left alone now in the house and she still lived in that house that they bought in. I would have brought her back some things like colour tv and all that just to make sure that she's comfortable and give her most of the things to sustain her and I managed to sort of get somebody, as you know we have extended families to live with her so she doesn't become lonely. My mother is a very Christian person who has always gone to Methodist Church and was brought up in that and baptised as a Methodist, and up till now I still go to the local Methodist church in Kings Road and that's how we have been brought up